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Having prepared a template with sysprep, an answer file can be used to automate the initial configuration at the next boot. That file is looked for in a series of predefined paths. In particular, one of them is " A:\unattend.xml " ( Implicit Answer File Search Order No. 4). For that reason, a Desktop Policy has a field to set up a file from present in flexVDI Hosts as answer file. This file is searched:

  • First (requires flexvdi-agent 3.1.8 or upper) in /var/lib/flexvdi/image_storages/$IMAGE_STORAGE/$VOLUME, shared by all hosts, where $IMAGE_STORAGE and $VOLUME are the values of the fields with those names in the Desktop Policy.
  • Second in /var/lib/flexvdi/local


  • in each host.

If this file exists in some of those paths, it will be copied into a floppy disk in each volatile clone, renamed to "unattend.xml", so that it can be used to automatically configure the clones. In this file, all appearances of strings in the form ${param} will be replaced by the value of the corresponding parameter param in the Desktop Policy, if it exists (see the section on Desktop Policy parameters to know more). In addition, the following variables are also available, with specific values for each volatile: