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guest_idStringGuest's unique identifier
guest_typeStringGuest type. One of "normal", "template", "clone" or "clonevolatile"
pool_idStringPool's unique identifier, to where this Guest has been assigned.

Guest's desired state. Either "running", "running_once", "stopped", "paused" or "suspended"

current_stateStringGuest's current state. Either "unknown", "running", "stopped", "paused", "suspended" or "migrating"
current_hostStringHost's unique identifier, where this Guest is currently running. Only is guaranteed to hace a value for flexVDI_Manager.


Code Block
    "desired_state": "running",
    "current_state": "running",
    "current_host": "",
    "guest_type": "clonevolatile",
    "guest_id": "opensuse421_public-volatile-e30ca1bb",
    "pool_id": "demo_public"