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The restart will drop the connections being served by the flexvdi-gateway, so end users will be disconnected, but it does not affect the virtual machines.

Q: After a n minutes of opening a flexVDI session, flexVDI Client disconnects.

A: Some  web proxies  and firewalls have a default maximum duration for websockets, which are used by flexVDI clients. All of the flexVDI clientsm, from the HTML5 client running in a web browser to the native Windows, Linux, ... clients use websockets to connect to a flexvdi gateway or to the webportal.

HA proxy has a default timeout of 60 seconds, and drops websocket connections after that. To set this timeout to 10 hours in an HAproxy proxyfiyng a webportal, the following configuration is needed

Code Block
backend webportal-demo_ipv4
        mode                    http
        timeout tunnel 36000s
Q: I get a System Error message when I start flexvdi-client on Windows.