Connecting to the graphical console of a running guest while flexVDI agent/Manager is stopped

This steps can be used to connect to the graphical console of one Guest when you are performing a manteinance, and flexVDI Manager or flexVDI agent is stopped.

Get host IP

If you have more than one host, and you don't know on which one the Guest machine is running, you will have to log in each host with ssh, and run:

# virsh dominfo MYGUEST

until you find the host where the guest called MYGUEST is running.

Get the spice console port for the Guest:

Once logged in to the right Host, run:

# virsh domdisplay MYGUEST

In this example, it is running in port 5902

Set the spice password of the guest:

Log in with ssh to the flexVDI host where the guest is running, and set a spice password of MYPASSWORD, makingit valid for 300000 seconds

# virsh qemu-monitor-command MYGUEST --hmp set_password spice MYPASSWORD
# virsh qemu-monitor-command MYGUEST --hmp expire_password spice +300000

Connect to the spice console

Now you can connect with

$ flexvdi-client spice://HOST_IP:HOST_PORT?password=MYPASSWORD

For instance
$ flexvdi-client spice://

Alternatively, you can use a different spice client, like remote-viewer. You will be prompted for the spice URI (spice:// and spice password (MYPASSWORD)