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guest_idStringGuest unique identifier
guest_typeStringGuest type. Either "normal", "template", "clone" or volatile.
uuidStringlibVirt's unique identifier
descriptionStringUser defined field
socketsStringNumber of CPU sockets to be emulated
coresStringNumber of cores per socket to be emulated
vramStringAmount (GB) of vRAM assigned to this Guest
audio_drvStringEmulated audio device. Either "ac97" or "ich6".
gpu_drvStringEmulated graphics device. Either "virtio" or "qxl".


StringEnable the resolution fitting fix on "less modern" desktop environments (e.g. MATE)
rtc_typeStringRTC clock base reference. Either "local", "utc", or empty (legacy).
keyboard_drvStringEmulated keyboard device. Either "ps2", "usb", or empty (legacy).
cpu_emulStringCPU emulation mode. Either "kvm", "amd" or empty (legacy).
pool_idStringPool's unique identifier to where this Guest is assigned
desired_stateStringDesired state. Either "running", "stopped", "paused" or "suspended"
current_stateStringCurrent state. Either "unknown", "running", "stopped", "paused", "suspended" or "migrating"
current_hostStringHost's unique identifier Unique identifier of the Host where this Guest is running. Can be empty if the Guest is not running.

Host's VDI address, if different from management addressAddress of the Host where this Guest is running. Can be empty.

preferred_hostStringPreferred Host's unique identifier
parent_templateStringFor Guests of type "clone", this field contains the unique identifier of parent template
clone_listString ArrayFor Guests of type "template", this field contains a list of child Guests

First boot device. Either "cdrom", "hd" or "network"

spice_portStringTCP port on current_host for SPICE connection
passwordStringTicket for SPICE connection. Removed since flexVDI 3.0 for improved security.
disk_listDiskInfo ArrayList of associated disk images
direct_disk_listDirectDiskInfo ArrayList of associated direct disks
iso_listISOInfo ArrayList of associated ISOs
net_listNetworkInfo ArrayList of associated virtual network interfaces