Virtual Machine Recovery Guide

The following document presents an example of a process to backup virtual machines in a flexVDI platform. This procedure is generic and can be adapted to different scenarios to the one presented in this document. Moreover, you must take into account that a full backup procedure must include not only virtual machine images, but also a backup of the flexVDI Manager data. This is done, manually, through the flexvdi-config tool, or in a scripted way through the manager_backup tool, that is present in all flexVDI hosts.

This procedure has the following characteristics, that may or may not be suited to each particular situation:

  • Backup copies are complete, in the sense that the full image files are copied, and not just the contents.
  • Backups are made automatically and transparently to the user, without affecting the virtual machine execution.
  • Virtual machine copies are stored in a different storage device from the one they are running on.