Getting full information from a certain Terminal Policy




Request contentsEmpty
Successful answerTerminalPolicyInfo Object
Non-successful answerErrorMessage Object
Unexpected answerHTTP 500

TerminalPolicyInfo Object


terminal_policy_idStringTerminal Policy's unique identifier
stateStringTerminal Policy's current status. Either "active" or "inactive"
auth_modeStringAuthentication mode. Currently one of "none" or "active_directory"
ad_server_ipStringLDAP/AD server's IP address
ad_server_portStringLDAP/AD server's port
ad_proxy_userStringLDAP/AD proxy user (a user with search permissions on the directory)
ad_proxy_passStringLDAP/AD proxy password
ad_realmStringLDAP/AD realm
ad_rdn_attrStringAttribute to be used as RDN for the LDAP/AD
desktop_policy_attrStringLDAP/AD's attribute which holds the Desktop Policy's definition for each entry. Can be empty
desktop_policy_group_attrStringSince 3.0.3: LDAP/AD's attribute which holds the Desktop Policy's definition for each group the user is member of. Can be empty, in which case groups are not looked for Desktop Policies
desktop_policy_defaultStringDefault Desktop Policy definition to be used when desktop_policy_attr is empty or doesn't exist. Can be empty
terminalsTerminalInfo ArrayList of Terminals registered on this Terminal Policy.

JSON example

    "ad_rdn_attr": "cn",
    "state": "active",
    "auth_mode": "active_directory",
    "terminal_policy_id": "default",
    "terminals": [{
        "terminal_id": "h5-92fc15f6-dc24-7582-466c-eabc5827cb56",
        "last_access": "2015-12-15 16:12:29 (accepted)"
    "ad_proxy_pass": "password",
    "ad_server_ip": "",
    "desktop_policy_attr": "description",
    "desktop_policy_group_attr": "info",
    "desktop_policy_default": "windows7_public=Windows 7,opensuse421_public=OpenSUSE 42.1",
    "ad_server_port": "389",
    "ad_proxy_user": "cn=Administrator,cn=Users,dc=flexvdi,dc=demo",
    "ad_realm": "cn=Users,dc=flexvdi,dc=demo"

TerminalInfo Object



terminal_idStringTerminal's unique identifier
last_accessStringLast access date, and if was or not accepted

JSON example

    "terminal_id": "h5-92fc15f6-dc24-7582-466c-eabc5827cb56",
    "last_access": "2015-12-15 16:12:29 (accepted)"