Getting all properties from a certain Task




Request contentsEmpty
Successful answerObject related to this Task type
Non-successful answerErrorMessage Object
Unexpected answerHTTP 500

Common fields for all Task types


task_idStringTask's unique identifier
executionStringDate and time when the task finished running
whenStringDate and time when the task was created
stateStringCurrent state. Either "running" or "completed"
resultStringTask result. Either "error", "success" or "pending"
result_msgStringMessage related to Task result
task_typeintInteger code meaning the type of the task, with meaning 0: "unknown", 1: "guest_action", ...
task_type_strStringHuman readable code with the type of the task like "guest_create". Since 3.1.

JSON example

    "when": "2016-02-03 16:57:42",
    "execution": "2016-02-03 16:58:03",
    "state": "completed",
    "result": "success",
    "task_id": "86725e2d-6277-434e-84ad-4d5d174f405f",
    "result_msg": "Guest started successfuly on host flexdev01"