Getting basic information from every Host




Request contentEmpty
Successful answerBasicHostInfo Object Array
Non-successful answerErrorMessage Object
Unexpected errorHTTP 500

BasicHostInfo Object


host_idStringHost unique identifier

Current host state. One of:

"running": flexvdi-agent is ok, and ready to run guests.

"stopped": flexvdi-agent is "disabled". It is running correctly, but received a request from a flexVDI dashboard to stop providing resources to pools and guests, so that it can be safely shutdown, updated, reconfigured...

"unknown": manager has just started, and it still does not know about, or flexvdi-agent has just received a command (enable, disable, ...) and manager does not know if it has already finished transitioning states.

"unavailable": flexvdi-agent is down, not responding, or answering invalid responses for more than a threshold time ("flexvdi.host_agent.fail_threshold", which defaults to 60s).

"incompatible": flexvdi-agent.minor != manager.minor or flexvdi-agent.minor > manager.minor

JSON example

    "host_id": "flexdev01"
    "status": "running"