Creating a Pool




Request contentsPoolCreate Object
Successful answerTaskResult Object
Unexpected errorHTTP 500

PoolCreate Object


typeStringTask type identifier. In this case, "pool_create"
pool_idStringUnique identifier for the new Pool
descriptionStringUser defined field
host_listString ArrayList of Hosts that provide resources to this Pool
required_vcpusIntegerNumber of vCPUs required by this Pool
required_vramIntegerAmount of vRAM (GB) required by this Pool
granularity_vcpusIntegerNumber of vCPUs reserved at each iteration
granularity_vramIntegerAmount of vRAM (GB) reserved at each iteration
priorityIntegerPool's priority for resource reservation, being 1 the highest, and 5 the lower

JSON example

    "type": "pool_create",
    "pool_id": "testpool",
    "description": "Testing pool",
    "host_list": [ "flexpre04", "flexpre03" ],
    "required_vcpus": 2,
    "required_vram": 2,
    "granularity_vcpus": 1,
    "granularity_vram": 1,
    "priority": 3