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DesktopPolicyCreate Object


typeStringTask type identifier. In this case, "dpolicy_create"
desktop_policy_idStringUnique identifier of the Desktop Policy
pool_idStringUnique identifier of the Pool where clones of this Desktop Policy will be created
template_idStringUnique identifier of the template from which clones of this Desktop Policy will be created
desktop_protocolStringCurrently, only "vdi" is supported
sysprep_nameStringName of the Sysprep answer file to inject in the clones created by this Desktop Policy
windows_domainStringDomain name to use in the Sysprep answer file and SSO plugin
image_storage_idStringUnique identifier of the Image Storage that contains Volume volume_id
volume_idStringUnique identifier of the Volume where clone images will be stored. If empty, local storage is used, in /var/lib/flexvdi/volatile
precreation_guest_numberIntegerNumber of precreated clones
precreation_disable_atIntegerNumber of maximum desktops to precreate
enable_usb_redirStringFlag to allow USB redirection in new clones. One of "true" or "false"
enable_copy_paste_h2gStringFlag to allow copy and paste from client to guest
enable_copy_paste_g2hStringFlag to allow copy and paste from guest to client
enable_power_actionsStringFlag to allow power actions (reset, shutdown and power off) from the client
enable_printingStringFlag to allow using the FollowMe Printing feature

Flag to allow audio playback (from guest to client)

enable_audio_recordStringFlag to allow audio record (from client to guest)
enable_video_streamingStringFlag to enable playing video
enable_multiple_clientsStringFlag to enable connecting multiple clients to the same desktop session
inactivity_timeoutIntegerTime (in seconds) of inactivity before disconnecting the client
first_operation_whatStringName of the operation to perform on a clone after first_operation_when minutes since the user disconnected. One of "none", "stop", "shutdown", "pause", "suspend" or "destroy"
first_operation_whenIntegerMinutes since the user disconnected before performing action first_operation_what
second_operation_whatStringName of second operation, see first_operation_what
second_operation_whenIntegerMinutes to second operation, see first_operation_when
third_operation_whatStringName of third operation, see first_operation_what
third_operation_whenIntegerMinutes to third operation, see first_operation_when
copy_uuidStringObsolete. Leave as "false"
parametersDesktopParameter ArraySince 3.0.3: List of parameter definition that are applied to the Guests of this Desktop Policy. If the "value" attribute is missing, the first value of the sequence is computed.

JSON example

    "type": "dpolicy_create",
    "desktop_protocol": "vdi",
    "precreation_disable_at": 6,
    "first_operation_when": 10,
    "volume_id": "samsung_ssd",
    "third_operation_what": "none",
    "second_operation_what": "destroy",
    "image_storage_id": "internal",
    "sysprep_name": "legacy",
    "desktop_policy_id": "windows7_public",
    "copy_uuid": "false",
    "second_operation_when": 11,
    "windows_domain": "",
    "precreation_guest_number": 3,
    "third_operation_when": 0,
    "first_operation_what": "stop",
    "pool_id": "demo_public",
    "template_id": "windows7_020216",
    "inactivity_timeout": 0,
    "parameters": [{
        "name": "ip_address",
        "pattern": "192.168.0.\\n{50,100}"