Suscriptions and licenses

Q: How do I know when does my subscription expires?

A: flexVDI subscriptions are installed on your physical servers. To get information about when will your subscription expire:

  • open a ssh connection to your host.

  • Run flexvdi-config program, and go to "Subscription". You will see a message with the information like:

    This host is registered to user XXXXX Your contract expires on Feb 19 12:34:56 2100 GMT
Q: How do I know when does my license expires?

A: flexVDI licenses are installed on your flexVDI Manager. To get information about licenses:

  • open flexVDI Dashboard in a browser and log in.

  • In the tree in the left side, expand the “Hosts” entry under “Hosts & Pools”.

  • Look at your hosts. You will see flexVDI Manager is in the tree under one of your hosts. Click on it.

  • You will see a “Licenses” table with information about license ids, dates and number of sessions.